Celebrate love, diversity with Supper and Colourful Pride. Enjoy a week filled with special events, vibrant performances and a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can be their authentic selves. Connect with friends, make new ones, and honor every color of the rainbow. Together, let’s make this Pride Week unforgettable!


Ms. Jones invites you to a perfect ending of Pride 2024: The Ms. Jones extravaganza Bottomless Brunch!

At Ms. Jones, we create a sense of community and celebrate diversity. This bottomless brunch isn’t just an event, it’s a 3-course experience with live entertainment, amazing Dj’s, fostering empowerment and inclusivity. Here, everyone can be themselves without fear of judgment or exclusion.

 Join us and be part of something special.

– Sunday August 4th


Colourful Pride extravaganza

Get ready for an unforgettable extravaganza! This week we’re celebrating Pride Week in our restaurant. We’re going all out with extravagant entertainment, delicious food, amazing cocktails, and fabulous party’s after dinner

Let Supper be your home this Pride, where memories are made, love is celebrated, and joy knows no bounds..

We can’t wait to welcome you!

– August 1st till 4th 

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