What are you looking for?

The minimum age to visit supperclub is 21+.

The music in supperclub varies per event. The exact information can be found in the club agenda or on the Facebook page of each event.

If you have lost an item, please send an e-mail to amsterdam@supperclub.com with the date you lost it and a description of the item including what it contained (e.g. cards/keys/etc.).

You can find the photos on the Facebook page of the night you visited.

You can make a reservation through the website or by calling to +31 20 344 64 00

A visit to the SUPPER restaurant is an experience from start to finish. You leave your expectations at the door, take off your shoes before you sit down on the bed and then… Everything is a surprise!

Of course we take special wishes into account. Please mention them in the comments when booking and remind the staff when you enter the SUPPER restaurant.

At supperclub, we love everyone no matter what you look like or what you wear. But if you feel like getting dressed up, we’d love to see you do that!