Organizing the wedding day of your life

Organize your wedding on board the SUPPER Cruise. The unique setting and atmosphere of the cruise ship will make your wedding day an unforgettable experience.

Your wedding is perhaps the most special event of your life and of course you want your wedding day to run smoothly. That’s why our team of professional photographers, creative directors, chefs, artists, entertainers, DJs and VJs are on hand to make your wedding day a fantastic, carefree and completely customized experience.
Le salle neige at Supper Cruise in Amsterdam
Wedding set-up with white tables in Unique Location in Amsterdam

Organizing the wedding day of your life

The SUPPER Cruise has three different rooms that can be completely furnished by you and booked separately or together. La Salle Neige (120m2) is a white and inspiring room. This room can be transformed into a complete dance floor in no time. The most extraordinary ambiances can be created.

Le Bar Noir (130m2) has a stylish and slightly mysterious atmosphere. This room has a lounge with a bar, where you and your guests can enjoy our chefs’ delicious cocktails and snacks. Various special creations can be made with the furniture in this room and any kind of arrangement is possible.

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“I have booked Supperclub Cruise several times for my events and they’ve always exceeded my expectations. Beautiful boat with many possibilities.”

Dylan Sturm
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