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Looking for a unique STAFF party location in amsterdam?

Set sail on the SUPPER Cruise, your unique party location on the water in Amsterdam. Glide along the Amsterdam IJ with your guests and soak in the dazzling lights of our capital, creating an unforgettable party experience in Amsterdam.

Featuring complete DJ equipment, professional sound system, and captivating lighting, the SUPPER Cruise ensures an electrifying atmosphere for your staff party, company party, or business event. Our unique party location offers the perfect backdrop for any occasion, making it the ideal party location in Amsterdam’s vibrant landscape.

Discover the ultimate event location at SUPPER Cruise and make your next celebration an unforgettable experience in Amsterdam. Book now and let us host your unique event on the waters of Amsterdam.

Le salle neige at Supper Cruise in Amsterdam

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SUPPERCLUB - a unique party venue IN AMSTERDAM

Welcome to Supperclub Amsterdam, the epitome of Amsterdam’s nightlife scene and the ultimate Supper Club experience in the city. Our venue is renowned for hosting memorable staff parties, company gatherings, and business events, providing a unique and exclusive party location in Amsterdam.

As the leading Supper Club, Supperclub Amsterdam offers the perfect setting for any occasion. With complete DJ equipment, professional sound systems, and mesmerizing lighting, our venue ensures that your event is a success.

Discover the charm of our unique event location in Amsterdam and experience the magic of Supper Club hospitality. Book your event at Supperclub Amsterdam today and make your celebration truly unforgettable.

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